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Personal life of Anna Kournikova:
She preferred to associate her personal life with famous sportsmen. Anna had a relationship with the famous Russian hockey player Sergei Fedorov.

In 2001, Western media reported that the couple secretly played a wedding.
Anna's father denied this information. In 2003, Fedorov confirmed that they were married, but soon divorced.

Then Anna was the bride of the "Russian rocket" Pavel Bure, but she did not marry him.
 In December 2001, Anna met with Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias on the filming of his clip "Escape".

 Since then they are together. According to some sources, the couple secretly married, although they did not make official statements on this matter.
 However, Anna repeatedly lit up the wedding ring, and Enrique Iglesias publicly called Kurnikova his wife.

Anna Kournikova rarely happy fans frank pictures. In the microblogging of the photomodel, it is not so often possible to see photographs in a swimsuit, although the celebrity likes to spend time on the sandy coast. Just recently, the star went on vacation in Mexico, where she was accompanied by a lover, singer Enrique Iglesias.

Now on the page Kournikova adorns a picture in a swimsuit, which many fans have already had time to evaluate. Found among the subscribers of the former first racket of the world in doubles, those who expressed the hope that Anna would be more likely to please them with such cadres. I must admit that the last time Kournikova uploaded a photo in a swimsuit about eight months ago. Obviously, the celebrity, unlike many other stars, does not like to "bared" in the network, preferring to store such pictures in a personal archive.

35 years old Anna Kournikova

Fans of the model can be understood: the figure of 35-year-old Anna will envy any novice model. Judging by one of the videos that appeared about a year ago in Instagram, Kournikova carefully monitors her weight and tries to keep herself in good physical shape. This is evidenced by the relief press of the star.
Anna Kournikova with a pet Max

Favorite favorites for the former first racket of the world in doubles Anna Kournikova two whole - Shepherd Max and a chocolate labrador named Jack. They became the stars of the Instagram-diary of a 36-year-old sportswoman who publishes funny photos and videos with dogs much more often than with 42-year-old beloved Enrique Iglesias. Kournikova even trains with her beloved four-legged friends!

The tennis player published a video on which she is trying to conduct training, but she can not perform physical exercises because of the "kisses" of the sheepdog.

Apparently, with such an assistant classes are more effective. The results of intensive training were noticed by the fans of the star, having examined the flat belly of Anna on the video.

"Crazy Max" Anna and Enrique brought in only in January this year, as both gladly reported on their pages in Instagram. Incidentally, a few weeks ago Kournikova already posted a similar video in the social network, from which the fans were completely delighted and concluded that the dogs were very lucky with the hostess.

"Crazy Max" Anna and Enrique brought in only in January this year, as both gladly reported on their pages in Instagram. Incidentally, a few weeks ago Kournikova already posted a similar video in the social network, from which the fans were completely delighted and concluded that the dogs were very lucky with the hostess.
Belarusian Victoria Azarenka, who lost to Croatian Ane Konyukh at the tournament in Mallorca in her second match after the decree (1: 6, 3: 6), commented on the defeat and return to tennis.
"Of course, this is a serious defeat, but Ana very well spent the first two games , And then I missed a lot of opportunities - in some games I led 30-0, 40-15, but gave it to recoup.

Because of these missed opportunities, the match ended with this score. I lacked stability.
Now I find it difficult to find positive moments, but I know that I need to work hard to catch the rhythm again. I still need time.

So far, there are problems with the reaction, and it's difficult for me to adapt to different rivals - in the first round I played with the person who is dragging everything, and in the second, my rival, in fact, just closed her eyes and louped with all her might. So I need to add in flexibility.

Now I will not think about the obstacles that I have to overcome.
 I came back earlier than I wanted, so now everything is going to be a plus for me, and in the future it will help me.
I just need time and I need to add. I know that more is expected from my return than, for example, from the return of Kim Clijsters, so I just need to focus on myself, and if I need more time, then let it. If less - who knows.

 Now I need to maintain a positive attitude and work, because I am a hard worker and I know that eventually I will reach the goal - you just need to have patience.

I put the bar high, but I know that I'll get to it. "Also the tennis player told how her perception of the tour changed after she became a mother."
The tour, in principle, has not changed, because for this tournament the son with me does not I arrived.

But everything else has changed. It is necessary to adapt, and it's good that I started earlier, because I need to get used to it. In general, being a mother is the most wonderful thing in life, regardless of tennis matches. Is it difficult? I think it all depends on the child, but I do not consider motherhood a difficult job. Of course, this is true, but mostly it's a joy. Tennis - too, but after such a defeat I do not think so. But soon I will see my baby, so ... (smiles). "


In the Instagram blog, Anna Kournikova what is there not: funny selfie, archival photographs with the court, delicate pictures with his younger brother, his beloved dog portraits, video dance, landscape shots ... I do not find there is only Enrique Iglesias, with whom the ex-athlete meets for more than 15 years.

The couple is known for its secrecy in respect of private life, and therefore a new picture, which appeared on the blonde's page in the social network, greatly surprised her fans: a joint photo with Iglesias and even with my brother!

Keep it up! You look, and soon those rare footage become commonplace, and begin to attack us Kournikova romantic selfie with her boyfriend. In the meantime, we must be content with the fact that Enrique sounds in the background in her video: Anna often publishes a video in which dancing to your favorite song.

Anna Kournikova Family

No longer being able to follow the progress of Anna Kournikova on the court, we closely observe what is happening in the ex-athlete profile in Instagram.

Very often she adds, "the section" photos of previous years from the family album, on which she captured with her parents and grandmother. Another archive photo Anna published on the eve of a touching commentary:

#annakournikova #family #momanddad #parents #loveyou #mamaipapa family 

However, children's photo famous Russian woman touches us less, and her everyday fashion bows and funny video with dancing to the song of Enrique Iglesias - and even more so. In the end, it was she - the main fan of creativity of her lover.

Recall that from the tennis athlete left in 2003 at the age of 22 years, ending his career because of severe back injury. Since then, Anna managed to get US citizenship and move to the United States, where he lives together with her fiancé - known pop singer Enrique Iglesias.

Anna Kournikova photos for Instagram

With Mother

With Father

Anna Kournikova - the main fan art her lover Enrique Iglesias. Tennis has published in his Instagram few funny video in which she dances to a new song the artist Duele El Corazon, a clip which was released just over a week ago.
In one of the clips Anna dances and sings the compositions alone, but in the second video the company the star was her dog, which seems to be too crazy about creativity Iglesias.

All great Sunday! I still enjoy dancing with my crazy dog,

- I wrote under the roller Kournikova.

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Видеоклип, публикуван от Anna Kournikova 🐾 (@annakournikova) на
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